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Olivetti is a name that is recognized around the world, and is widely acknowledged as a global leader in office automation, computing, and telecommunications. For more than one hundred years, Olivetti has built a reputation as one of the world's most iconic brands, renowned for its rich history, timeless quality, and universal appeal. And today, on every continent, Olivetti is still constantly evolving, its designers at the forefront of the latest breakthroughs in user-orientated technology.

Ultimately, though, the reason for Olivetti's on-going growth and phenomenal success comes down to one simple factor: popularity.

Olivetti products are consistently rated among the world's best, precisely because they are immensely practical, easy to use, and superbly cost-effective. Add features like beautiful design, effortless function, and legendary reliability, and it is easy to see why Olivetti is an obvious first choice.

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    MFP A3 Color

    These brand new A3 colour multifunctional models have been designed to provide premium efficiency and productivity to all types of businesses. Providing fast print, copy and scan speeds, a vast array of finishing options and unsurpassed mobile and direct print functionalities.


    Olivetti touch-screen systems are ideal for heavy-duty use in retail, hospitality, industrial control and many other environments. Characterised by a distinctive elegant design, excellent performance and low energy consumption, these systems suit any requirement and environment.


    Maximum connectivity on the move thanks to 3G and WiFi, top-level graphics, a simple, intuitive interface, state-of-the-art hardware solutions and software versatility are some of the features of the new OliPad touch tablets, for continuous connectivity on the move, in and outside the office.

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